Damn switches, Why can’t they put those a bit higher?

“Oh damn switches, Why can’t they put those a bit higher?”

My little 2y+ old got to that height where she can reach all the switch boards at home and she thinks it is her solemn duty to make sure the lights in every room can be turned on-and-off without fail in regular interval.

So when her mom reacted like that, I said,

“Its not switch’s fault, the switch is fine… Its like UI and UX, you know. UI-wise its fine but who ever did the UX bit, didn’t think it through”

To that of my explanation, seeing her one eyebrow becoming a bow that’s almost ready to take off, I tried to explain a bit more,

“You know they did not do the user story properly… I mean…”

and at that point I had to stop as all on a sudden I felt I am kind of in a middle of a bad user story.


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